Telangana Government Official Arrested for Murder and Fraudulent Insurance Claim of Rs 7 Crore

According to a news agency, a government official from Telangana is believed to have faked his own death in order to collect insurance money worth more than 7 crores. He was apprehended along with four others, including his wife and two family members, in the Medak district.

The main suspect was employed as an Assistant Section Officer in the government office of Telangana. They reportedly experienced financial losses of 85 lakhs in the stock market and devised a scheme with their spouse and family members. They are accused of committing murder and fabricating the death of a person in order to collect insurance money and pay off debts, according to the authorities.

As part of the scheme, the individual and associates intended to murder someone who looked like him in order to collect the insurance payout. Over the past year, they had purchased 25 insurance policies worth 7.4 crore rupees under the individual’s name, according to law enforcement.

The police opened a case of suspicious death and conducted an investigation from all angles after a charred body of a man was found in a completely burnt car in a gorge on the outskirts of a village in the district. The man was initially thought to be a government employee based on an ID card found in a bag. He was later identified as a 44-year-old man who worked as an assistant section officer in the state secretariat of Telangana’s capital city, Hyderabad.

During the course of an investigation, it was discovered that an employee had faked their own death in order to claim insurance money. The individual, along with four others including their spouse and relatives, were taken into custody and formally arrested.

On January 8, an individual and another person approached a man near a railway station and asked him to accompany them. They made the man shave his head and wear a specific outfit before being taken to a village. The individual then poured gasoline on a car and instructed the man to sit in the front seat. When he refused, he was attacked with an axe and sticks, resulting in his death. The body was placed in the car and set on fire.

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