More trouble for Partha Chatterjee, 3 companies with his son-in-law under ED scanner

The Enforcement Directorate (ED), which is probing the multi-crore West Bengal School Service Commission (WBSSC) recruitment scam, is now focusing on three companies with former minister Partha Chatterjee`s son-in-law, Kalyanmoy Bhattacharya as Director.

The three companies are Improline Constructions Pvt Ltd, HRI Wealth Creation Realtors Pvt Ltd, and Acrisius Consulting Pvt Ltd. As per records of the Registrar of Companies (ROC) under the Union Ministry of Commerce, while Bhattacharya is the Managing Director in Acrisius Consulting, in the remaining two companies, he is an ordinary Director.

ED sources said that in HRI Wealth Creation Realtors and Improline Constructions, the second Director is Krishna Chandra Adhikari, who is Bhattacharya`s maternal uncle and a resident of Pingla in the West Midnapore district.

“Incidentally, the address for Improline Constructions Pvt Ltd, purportedly engaged in real estate business as mentioned in ROC records is 243/3, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata, 700047 and this address is fake. We cross-checked and found out that this property is legally owned by somebody else and there was no office of Improline Constructions in this address ever,” an ED official said

This fake address syndrome became evident also in the case of the entity Echhay Entertainment Private Ltd, whose registered address is 95, Rajdanga Main Road, LP-107/439/78, Kolkata, 700107, as per the records of the ROC.

On July 27, the ED received a complaint from a local resident with valid documents that showed that the flat is registered in the name of his younger brother`s cable television company. The local resident also furnished documents including the trade license of the company in support of his claims.

ED sources that this common factor of address forgery made their sleuths doubtful about Improline Constructions and as they went deeper into the probe after interacting with ROC officials, the existence of two other companies with Partha Chatterjee`s son-in-law as director came to the forefront.

“We strongly feel that Improline Constructions is a shell entity which has been used for money transfer, which is often done by chit fund entities,” said an ED official.

He also said that they are in the process of cross-checking the authenticity of the addresses of the other two entities with Bhattacharya as the Director, namely HRI Wealth Creation Realtors and Acrisius Consulting.

As per ROC records, Acrisius Consulting, where Bhattacharya is the Managing Director has its registered address as 239 Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata – a stone`s throw from the fake address used for Improline Constructions. The other Director in the company is Sulata Chatterjee.

On the other hand, the third company, namely HRI Wealth Creation Realtors, which has Bhattacharya and his maternal uncle, as Directors, has its registered office at Raj Apartment, 2nd Floor, B Block, Village Post Office Police Station, Domjur, Howrah, 711405.

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